A text-based criminal simulator for my classmates

A few days ago, my friends came across a game called “Sir, this is a Wendy’s” after I showed them how to use replit (just for unblocked google, they cant code) But that got boring for them. So a whole day of asking them suggestions for the game, and a few days of bug fixes and improvements, I asked them if it was better than the Wendy’s game. “A lot better”.
Rob banks, use butter knives, create a group with your friends, Jackson County.
So far this is my biggest game project with 573 lines of code. I wanna know how you guys feel about my first huge project. (note: do not fork it or replit db screws up. if you fork it, no groups or sending money and items to friends.)
if you fork it, just note that groups and accounts will be exclusive to your fork.

Hey, I had a quick glance at your code. I hope you do not mind a suggestion.
In many places (basically when you do exclusive multiple conditions) use elif instead of if as this is better practice. You will not see the performance advantage in your game but one day you might in other projects :slight_smile:

For the rest good first try at analoger project. Next re-write it with classes :wink:


Concerning the massive amoutn of “if” statements, i just copy and pasted if statements, but i might update that

notice the hidden commands?

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I understand, just realise that if needed always execution while elif not.
This means that elif can be a better option for performance at times and it is a good habit to build muscle memory on such tricks

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Dude classes are the best. Makes transferring info and funcs between files way easier.

That project is iconic lol.

All in all, pretty good game! Besides from the majority of if statements, this project is definitely a really good text adventure game.

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It says Repl not found…

Works for me. How are you trying to open it?

I just click the link… It redirects me to Replit Mobile App. Oh, it works with Open in Chrome