A possible issue with usernames on the forum

I’ve noticed that if your Replit username begins or ends with a hyphen or even contains one, like -hi or -hi-, the forum automatically converts it to hi. This poses an issue because there might be an existing user on the main site with the name hi, for instance. If this user decides to join the forum, they wouldn’t be able to use the username hi since it’s already taken. This could potentially be a bug or an issue. I’m uncertain if this has come to your attention, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

A small example is @Pikachu; their username appears as Pikachu, but in reality, it’s actually @-Pikachu-.


I believe that if -hi joins the forum, their username will just be hi1 (assuming that hi has already made an account on the forum.)


Yeah, that’s only assuming that hi has an existing account on the forum. If not, -hi will be able to take it, which might cause issues. If hi ends up joining, they might want their original username back because they obviously have the “real” username without any hyphens.


Yeah, but is there anything we can do about that here?

No we can’t. If a mod tried to change your username we get an error that it doesn’t match SSO