A poll about polls

How often do you vote on a poll?
  • Always vote on polls.
  • Mostly vote on polls.
  • Sometimes vote on polls.
  • Rarely vote on polls.
  • Usually don’t vote on polls.
  • Don’t vote on polls.

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I need to vote in all polls I made the first one on Replit Ask What language do you use to teach CS?


wait, you “Need” to vote in all polls?

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Because I will get permanently suspended lol


You can’t vote that, because you are voting on this poll.

Hmmm, mine looks a bit different…

Mine is just blank., why?

You really can’t do that, since you have to do usernames, not real names. My real name is the same as a Replit staff just gonna say.

And my friend’s real name (not in the forums) is the same name as a forum moderator.

Will you actually get suspended for not voting?

No its a joke. I just vote in them for fun


I mostly vote on polls but there are some topics where there are like 10+ polls with soo much text. That’s when I just don’t vote because it’s too much reading. Otherwise, I like voting in polls :slight_smile:

I like how this poll is about polls too.


This is what happens when you don’t read the other posts.

What happens if a poll is in a PM that you aren’t invited to?

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I made a bot using the API to track everything for polls so I will vote in them. They count