Zig 0.11.0 repl

I’m trying to use zig 0.11.0, but when I try to create a repl UMARismyname/zig it shows 0.10.2, and when I try to use nix-unstable it shows 0.10.2, knowing that nixos unstable has zig 0.11.0

Hi @mSTfmhdy1 , welcome to the forums!
Could you try changing the numbers to the same value?

Hey @mSTfmhdy1!

You might see some version drift because we keep a snapshot of all Nix packages at a given time. The versions on https://search.nixos.org/ might be newer than the versions we carry. We do our best to update our snapshot as much as we can, though sometimes we might be behind.

If you make Feature Requests they might add Zig to nixmodules so they can update and support it properly and conveniently, independently from replit-nixpkgs, but I don’t think there’s too much demand for it, especially from professional, paying users (and so there’s not even syntax highlighting yet). plus Rust is better :slightly_smiling_face:

Here a template. Caveats:

  • doesn’t take semver into account when checking for updates, so code breaks (0.11.0
    doesn’t satisfy ^0.10.2)
  • Takes 416 MiB! If there’s a way to compare the installed version to the current nix version and then store only the differences, that’d be the best way to reduce it