Your Repl is having a bit of trouble

Problem description:
I was able to connect to the server until a few hours ago, but suddenly I can’t connect.

CrosisError: Client has been destroyed and is unusable at t.Client.openChannel ( at Object.openChannel ( at at ai ( at xs ( at at E ( at MessagePort.z (


Your Repl is having a bit of trouble.

The issue has been logged and the Replit team will look into it. Try reloading the page to get back to coding.
Error: 8b242b7d2b7744c382e88c78e00062db


panic: exec: “node”: executable file not found in $PATH ~~~~

Bug appears at this link:


Hey there – we’re actively recovering from an incident. Expect things to go back to normal sometime soon. Reach out to me in DMs and I’ll grant you Pro for a few months to make up for it.

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