You have used 101% of your 10 GiB

I got sent an email saying that I have used 101% of my Egress which is outbound data.
Further in the message it says “Your Repls’ network throughput is being throttled and will eventually be shut off.”. What does Replit mean when they say “is being throttled” and “will eventually be shut off.”?

Please help me understand. Thank you

That means that your account has used all of your egress for this month. You can buy more using cycles if needed.

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I understand that but I do not understand what they mean by “throttling” and “will eventually be shut off.”.

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You might be able to use more egress for now (although things will be slower), so you should probably either figure out how to pay or start working on a project that doesn’t use much bandwidth and will hopefully get you some tips.


it means your repls that are using outbound data

will be shut off

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The repls should keep running if I remember correctly, but they’ll start breaking in weird ways.


yeah I guess throttle means they’ll basically allow it to “work” but anything to do with sending outbound requests, etc will start being extra weird as replit trys to make sure the program stops using data


Throttle is a bit like what happens with computer or data in phones. They will give you some egress here and there for a short time, at a decreasing rate till it is fully blocked.

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Screenshot 2023-04-17 7.54.52 PM
If you get the timing perfect, you can get an interesting notification about egress limits.


Hi there! Since you’ve used up your allotted egress you will see much slower network speeds and your outbound data transfer from the Repl will slow down to the point where we stop you from sending requests :).

You can buy more egress using cycles at!


You need to make the UI become more apparent about when you exceed your quota, I spent HOURS debugging what was wrong with my app before I found my way here.


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