You cant run this repl right now

Hello! So im trying to make a cryptocurrency but in the first step of making a wallet the repl closed itself when i ran the wallet and it says its not avaiable right now. I dont know if i crashed it or violated the tos. Im not attempting to mine crypto and i dont see anything against making a cryptocurrency so i dont think i violated tos.

NVM it seems to have crashed

it says attempting to mine crypto

This is probably because replit is trying to block crypto miners, I don’t think it is necessarily against the tos (@Parker2991 :eyes:), but try asking a mod about it.

im not mining anything

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The repl is back up now so i belieive it just crashed

oh but usually it is tho

No, quote the tos: “ 1. Use the Service to “mine” bitcoins, other cryptocurrencies, or Cycles;” see what I bolded there, if they are not mining, it should be fine.

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Im not attempting to mine anything. Therefore im not violating tos. Im just creating a crypto wallet. No intense system usage for doing that.

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Thanks for the help guys! It just seems that the repl crashed.

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