You can't move files in Replit app

Problem description:
How to move a file in Replit app

Expected behavior:
I can drag or see an option to move a file into a folder

Actual behavior:
It just glitches when I hold a file down

Steps to reproduce:
Go to a repl on the app
Open the file list
Hold on a file
The list of actions doesn’t have a nice option
Try dragging it doesn’t do anything
Close out the file list it glitches out and the selected file doesn’t go away

Bug appears at this link:
Replit app

Browser/OS/Device/Plan (Hacker, Pro, N/A):
Samsung A51


Hey @CoderGautamYT ! I found this trick from @OmegaOrbitals :
mv [file] [folder]
Hope this helps!

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Yeah that’s what I did but not a friendly solution or good use of the interface

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This drag and drop is buggy and the Replit Team should be working on it.
Meanwhile, this will have to do.
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No, because you still can’t drag and drop files in the mobile app.

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