You can’t run this Repl right now. Help me

Bug description:

It may be temporarily unavailable or it may have violated our Terms of Service.
If you are the owner of this Repl and believe you should be able to run it, you can try again later or contact support.

when I go to access my replit this appears, I’m sure I didn’t commit any infraction

Bug appears at this link:

Replit Profile:

had to make a reply for the pfp, basically this means that you violated very strict ToS of replit. Usually, this means it’s a proxy/school unblocker


if you see this, I’m still on break but as I said, I’m going to be posting like once or twice a day to keep TL3

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Welcome to the community, @megah!

This is a common issue that a lot of people are experiencing and get reported.

If your site is using/doing something that is seen as malicious/suspicious or NSFW, it may get flagged by Replit and you will temporarily lose access to your Repl.

If you are sure that you have not been using such media/doing such actions on your site, you can contact support like what it has told you to do.