You can open an editor for a ghost fork

Problem description:
It is possible to open an editor for a repl you are removed from, in the ghost fork.

Expected behavior:
You see the cover page

Actual behavior:
You enter an editor for the ghost fork

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get invited to a repl
  2. Open the editor
  3. Click on a file (main is fine)
  4. Get removed from the repl
  5. Go back until you leave the cover page
  6. Go forward again
  7. Welcome to the ghost fork editor!

Bug appears at this link:
Ask me and I’ll invite you to a repl that I can reproduce on, probably applies to all repls though.

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36


I can confirm that this works for me too (Firepup and I tested that).
Firefox/Arch Linux/ HP EliteDesk G2 SFF

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I don’t think this is a big problem that needs to be addressed, but it’s interesting to be able to edit a ghost fork.


Just confirmed another required step, added to the reproduction steps.

Are you still able to edit the code in the Repl you’ve been removed from?

Not on the repl you were removed from, just a ghost fork of the one that you were removed from.

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What do you mean by “Ghost Fork”?

Like a cover page copy.

Can you send me a screenshot of this? Does this occur on a private Repl?

I am uncertain wether or not it can occur on private repls, I will get a picture tomorrow.

I actually got a whole video on it just for good measure, here you go:

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Hmm I was not able to reproduce this issue. Will pass it along to some others and see if they can repro. Thanks for reporting.

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I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue, despite trying different browsers as well. Are you still able to reproduce this issue @Firepup650?

I will have to check, hang on.

Just confirmed, I can still reproduce this bug. I used my phone and a laptop this time (will ask someone else to help me confirm the original method shortly), following these steps:

  1. Get invited to and open a repl on mobile website
  2. While the replit loading logo is shown on mobile, remove that account from the repl
  3. Ghost fork editor!

That is weird because I participated one of the times and successfully entered the workspace to edit the ghost fork.

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Firepup and I just tested it again and were able to reproduce the issue.

Following these steps, I got in to the ghost fork editor.

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For clarification, I meant the cover page here.

I was able to repro the issue! Thanks for the help!