You can now find all upcoming events (and more!) in the Community Hub!

Hi everyone,

We are archiving this category because you can now find out about all upcoming events, as well as community platforms and opportunities to get involved, in our Community Hub!


Will this category still be visual (even if it’s only by direct link) once its archived?

Is this cat going to be deleted from here?

I’ll delete the category this week. Are you attached to any of the threads or info in it?


I don’t personally but I think we should keep (at least by direct link (I will look how to do this later)) since there has been discussion in some number of topics.

Could we lock it for posterity?


Can we make a group called archive viewer and give it read-only access to this category? Making it so only staff and archive viewers are able to view this category so it essentially archives the category.

Who would the archive viewers be? I suggest TL3+!

I was thinking anybody could join that group if they wanted


Yeah, that’s another option!

Created a new read-only Archive category and moved this into it. Thanks for your ideas, all!


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