You can invite yourself?

I just created an invite link for the first time and accidentally clicked on it. However, it turns out you can actually invite yourself. After accepting, I got a notification saying that I accepted my invitation request.

I’m highly assuming this is not intended, and this has probably been a bug for a while. I used @9pfs1 invite link beforehand, so it didn’t update my user profile, but theirs shows they were invited by themselves too!

Not sure if I just spilled the beans on some secret bug, as I would have thought someone else would have mentioned this by now

Yep, although issues with Discourse should probably be reported to Discourse. I think while it works, if you click another invite link it will change you to being invited to them (permanently) and I think it isn’t counted for badge stats, but that said I’m not sure.


Sorry, I get confused about what kind of stuff is Ask-related versus all of Discourse. I’ll be sure to report this kind of thing on Meta from now on. Thank you for the reply!


No need I have already reproted it months ago. Basicly they agree its an issue but its not a problem. I just changed the query for the invite badges so the don’t cant towards it.


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