Yerhot strange replies

Why does yerhot keep replying the exact contents of some replies? It’s happened to me before but apparently it happens multiple times, so I’m really confused.

It’s really weird and I only notice it on my posts, or posts that I am participating in.

Does he just have a bot on his account or something? Otherwise it’s confusing and slightly scary.

These are bugged posts made by Replit’s ticketing system. These posts should be quickly deleted by mods, but if one has been missed, please flag them with the reason of “Bugged zendesk post”.


Ohhh. That’s weird and interesting. Got it now, thanks

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Is it like they’re logging my post into it or something? Or does it do that on every one? :thinking:

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I’m not sure how much I can say, I’ll ping a staff to better explain it.

From my discussions with the support team about it it is an issue caused by the Zendesk plugin and they are currently working with Discourse to fix the issue.

Like Firepup said flag them as something else saying its a bugged zendesk post or something along the lines of it and a mod will delete it.


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