Yellow/Nightlight theme

Hello, I created a night light theme called yellow light! Install it here: INSTALL ME


The text is hard to read


It’s just colorful, you’ll probably get used to it eventually.

Hehe, chrome saw that it was a light theme and darkened it for me :slight_smile:

What do you mean? I don’t think Chrome ever does that.

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It does if you enable the auto-dark feature VIA the chrome flags. :stuck_out_tongue:

You sure? These are the parts I think are hard to read.


Chrome’s darkened version of the theme:

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For me it’s fine (probably because I’m used to it)

I’m using Chrome and it isn’t darkening anything. What are you using?

Auto-dark feature? What do you mean

Goto chrome://flags and enter Auto Dark into the search bar, turn on the result, then relaunch chrome (chrome will prompt you to after a flag change).