Yellow "M" next to file names

I am making a website using Replit. I updated the code, and now there is always a yellow M beside the file name. Does anyone know what It means?
Screenshot 2023-09-18 1.48.45 PM

It means the file has been modified. You must have initialized Git on your Repl.

How do I un-initialize git?


I’m not actually sure that’s possible. You can create a feature request in Feature Requests.

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It did. Sorry, I forgot marking as a solution existed lol.

you just need to remove the .git directory. Otherwise, the git data will stay there

Ah yeah. @MaximumDevMode you’ll need to show hidden files



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I already made a feature request, lol

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don’t worry, you can always delete posts at any time :slight_smile:

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Yes, but I say don’t delete the feature request as there should be a button to un-initialize and you shouldn’t have to delete a hidden folder.

Facts! Do Replit developers actually check the feature requests?

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Yeah, but they’re not added very often, or at least take months to add. There has been a request for a page where we can see what they’re currently working on, but, well, like I said requests aren’t added very often. A staff member said I (or another TL4) can ping them if a feature request gets “a ton of interest and upvotes”, but that only happened when Egress was added and people couldn’t edit any of their Repls and were mad.

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