Yellow, blue and orange numbers at topics?

Hey there, I’ve recently been wondering, what exactly are those colours at the topic titles? There is blue, then there’s orange, then there’s a weaker orange (yellow?).
I would like to know, what exactly are these colours for?

Can you show a screenshot?

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Those numbers at the right? It’s the amount of posts in that topic (not including the topic itself)

Yes. The numbers just have different colors. What can the color of the number say?

Maybe it changes depending on the number of posts in the topic?

It is necessary to identify a pattern.

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There has to be a reason cos I read one person say to not-ethan if he can make the post yellow (I’m guessing it was this)

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90% sure its how active the thread was recently

@NateDhaliwal I believe the color is how many posts it has, the darker the color the more posts. For general category only: TL3 Chat has a really dark orange, whereas things with ~12 are orange, and most posts are blue (all the numbers are purely guessed, don’t take them seriously).

Thats the “heat” (if i remember the name correctly) of the topic is. It is based on views, replies, creation date and possibly some other stuff. I cant find the topic on meta about it


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