Yall everytime i fork google chrome or firefox at school it works but it doesnt work at home, please help . and my isp doesnt block the url so idk whats wrong


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Hi @jasiiajohnson1 , welcome to the forums!
Could you show a screenshot of the error when you fork it at home?
Also, it’s odd cos I would’ve thought school would have tighter restrictions than at home. And why do you need so many forks of the same repl?

Because whenever I try to use the same repel it says the server connection is an error. It works so much better at school than at home. Weird.

Its also doing the same thing to any repl that I use, games, random stuff or google.

Ensure that replit isnt blocked: try going to repl.co and replit.dev

neither work, says its blocked, but idk why it works at school

if it says that its blocked, then it won’t work (since its blocked). Try asking your school to unblock it (good luck) or just move on to another hosting provider.

The school allows the domain, but it’s at home that doesn’t work.
@jasiiajohnson1 Do you have a firewall installed?

no and idk what that even is to be honest with you

A firewall is something that you can install to block harmful sites that it detects.

Ahhh that makes sense. I’m not sure we’re even allowed to have on school chromebooks

My best guess here is that your router might be automatically thinking that it is malicious when it’s not, could you try temporarily adding a bare-bones webserver to the top of your code and running that to see what comes up on the page (if anything)?

these often have some software-based restrictions which are separate from school network ones. You can find guides telling you how to bypass these, but safest is to try on a different device.
But, to see whether it is actually an issue with restrictions, you could do CtrlshiftJ and check for any console errors relating to network requests.

It is often the case that school-managed chromebooks have dev features, such as inspect and console, completely disabled.
Incognito is usually disabled too.

replit.com might not be blocked even though repl.co is (e.g. my school blocks repl.co only)

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@python660 Your school technically blocked nothing related to Replit; after all, repl.co is deprecated now. :laughing:

Why are you needing to fork a Firefox Repl at school?


Forking Firefox or Chromium on Replit is a common trend, usually to bypass school filters since browser in the browser doesn’t have the restrictions. It’s an easy and common way to use a proxy because Replit usually isn’t blocked.

Don’t ask how I know all this stuff :upside_down_face:

That’s why I was asking. We could have just waited for a response tho lol


I’d like to note that the OP can’t do this on a school device at home, but they can at school:

Which tbh I’d expect the other way around.