Yahtzee My First Game

Yahtzee WebGame

Experience the thrill of Yahtzee, the classic single-player dice game! Roll the dice, aim for high-scoring combinations, and strategize to achieve the perfect roll. With 13 rounds and various categories, Yahtzee offers endless fun and excitement. Challenge yourself to beat your own record and become the ultimate Yahtzee champion!

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??? I did this what do you after this

click the scoresheet tab it will open a score sheet then you need to click the columns that have the ā€“ on them when you fill it out then it will calculate the score

@KillerCl0wn could you make the game more stylized for all devices?

@SalladShooter you mean make it where you can play on a tablet or phone?

@KillerCl0wn no like stylization I have to scroll over to press the scoresheet button. Iā€™m on iPad.

Yeah, it was built for a laptop someone and I are currently working on making it for mobile then we will go to iPad and tablet.

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wanna send me a screen shot of what it looks like

Thats gonna take some time unless I can find someone who can do it quick and efficiently

Well, I hope we get it done soon! what do you think of the new theme

I liked the old kinda hand drawn style better. But you do you.

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well If possible I will be trying to add it where there are multiply themes to choose from and you can decide what you want. But that is far down the road unless I can get people helping me