X86 Reserved VM option

When buying replit Reserved VM deployment, what options do I choose to ensure the vm is x86 compatible?

I am interested in getting Windows NT working in Reserved VM, like how it’s possible to connect Windows NT 4.0 ISO to VirtualBox or VMware, I want to be able to do so in Reserved VM, when I buy Reserved VM deployment I don’t want to end up with ARM architecture or a locked bootloader, for it to be compatible I need x86 architecture natively. During the process of installing Windows, default replit linux partition would get wiped and replaced with NTFS partition in the VM, on which Windows would be installed. And when I do that I would be able to turn Win32 applications always on.

Windows NT is fully natively Win32 compatible and on x86 since Windows NT 3.5 it can run latest Digital Mars and Open Watcom C++ compilers.

//Usage of Windows exclusive features in C:
#include <windows.h>