Wrong path? Problem with openclassrom.com

Hi! So I started to leanr programing in C# with Openclassrom → Learn Programming With C# - OpenClassrooms
When I open exercise from there using their instructions and try to run console this error appears. I don’t know what it means, I don’t know what I am doing wrong ;(

Hey there!

Try renaming your file to main.cs. The default file to run is main.cs, and when it can’t find it, C# throws an error.

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Still happens ;(

Create a main.csproj file to restore it – this is needed for your repl to run


Ok it kinda helped… but now I have this error, no Idea what it means

Nevermind. I changed public class name from MyVariable to Program, and error gone. Thanks for help!

note that you can alternatively remove line 6 from the csproj file and take your code out of the Main function and the Program class.