Wrong national characters in assignment

Problem description:
If the assignment instructions.md (or any .md file) contains national characters like čřšžýň, they look different from other text even though the used IBM Plex Sans font contains correct glyphs (Sometimes the line with text contains empty squares as well, if you have cached an older subset of the font. After clicking into the line, all correct characters appear and stay)

Expected behavior:
The font should be same for all characters

Actual behavior:
National characters are in a fallback font

Steps to reproduce:
Put this sentence to assignement:
“Příliš žluťoučký kůň úpěl ďábelské ódy”

Bug appears at this link:
Any assignement, e.g. this one

Any browser

hi @JanKoupil1 thanks for your question.

The Repl you shared seems to be private or in a teams. Can you please create an example repl which is public and share the link here?

The public demo is https://replit.com/@JanKoupil1/demo-chars#README.md

Thanks @JanKoupil1

I see this:

Do you mean that the markdown preview seems to use different font for some of the letters?

Exactly, this is replit.com:


Some letters “stand out of the line”. This is because the actual font file for font IBM Plex Sans, that replit.com uses, contains only a subset for basic Latin alphabet. The font however has glyphs for all (or most) letters, which can bee seen e.g. at google fonts:

I understand. Hopefully this information will help the support team!