Writing code in a file other than main.py

I know it is possible to configure a repl to have the run button execute a file other than main using a .replit file (Replit Docs - Configuring a Repl). However, this appear to break the debugging and unit test functionality. These appear to ignore the .config file and attempt to run main.py

This may seem like a trivial concern, but it actually significantly impacts both teacher and student workflow.

For myself, it means that I have to place an import statement in main.py of the module I actually want students to write their code in. When I then review their code in Teams, I need to click an additional 3 times (click Files, click the correct file, click Teams)

For students, they can no longer download their code to their desktop in order to debug it with a fully functional debugger. Our class is unit test driven, and I have written proper unit tests. Using unit tests is one of the outcomes of our course. Unit tests would not / should not refer to a main.py. Module names should reflect their intent.

Is this a known bug?

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Hi @gjwehnes,

Not trivial at all! Could you report this and any other bugs you might encounter to our support team?