Would you prefer C++ or C# or C

For all the C-everything programmers out there, which one do you prefer?

  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • ???
  • I don’t use them. …

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??? = what are they

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I don’t use them often, but I prefer C# syntax, however C++ is kind of the goto for anything intensive…

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The “I don’t use them” one is adding unnecessary data to it in my opinion

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Considering there is also ???, I agree.


CPP is the only thing I learned on this list… So I’m sticking with it.

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I am now learning C language
After learning C then I will start learning C++ then C#

I picked C beacuse it’s the only one I know.

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Well i picked C, but again it depends on what … sometimes C# is the only choice