Would love for analytics to be simpler

The Replit Analytics (RA) tab in Deployments is awesome. But I still find myself paying $200 a year to Plausible because they offer simplicity.

If RA could make a few changes, it would become my only analytics tool (no more Plausible or, God forbid, Google Analytics).

  1. All-time view. RA only shows the past 30 days. This is a problem when I try to take a broader view of my app’s growth.
  2. Top URLs shows too much. For example, in all my apps the top url is favicon.ico. I don’t need to see which files are viewed the most, only which pages (or give me a toggle to switch between both).
  3. Live view. It would be great to see how many people are visiting my page right now. This is something GA and Plausible offer, but RA doesn’t.
  4. Accurate data. Right now, RA shows my website received 1700 unique visitors in the last 30 days. This isn’t accurate (because on Plausible I can accurately track how many people are online right now, I know its unique visitors count is accurate). Somehow Plausible shows more accurate data than Replit (??) and I’m using Replit deployments. This is strange.
  5. Bonus data. It would be nice if RA could show unique visitors, total visits, total pageviews, views per visit, bounce rate, and average visit duration. Plausible (and GA) shows all this data. Replit has access to it. It should show it too.

People pay $200 a year to use Plausible (I know its popular in the “solopreneurs” community). If Replit could offer the same product (yes just copy them) as part of their “Replit Core Plan”, I’m sure a lot more people would switch to it so they can spend less on analytics.


one tiny thing; replit would have to inject javascript and have a dedicated analytics server running to recieve information about that


Increase the core plan price by $1-2 if they need to. I’d happily pay Replit more if it meant I could pay Plausible less.