Would like students to be able to @ me in Team Projects but my name doesn't autocomplete


Not sure if I’m approaching it wrong, but my name doesn’t seem to automatically come up as a suggestion in Team projects.

I would like students to be able to highlight code, start a thread and easily @ me for questions or clarification. It seems (from limited in-class testing) that they need to remember and type in my entire name as it doesn’t come up in auto-suggestion.


Hi @ChrisAnderson13 thank you for your message and apologies for the length of time it has taken to respond.

I think it might be due to the fact that when the student clicks on start project in Teams for Edu it essentially forks the project so they own it, rather than you, if that makes sense? This means that any internal code that would automatically show co-owners when @ was used (and I’m not a Replit engineer here, so just assuming) wouldn’t show your username without them remembering at least the first few characters.

One way to double check this would be to create a private repl on your account and share it with a student by inviting them to it. Then in the threads I think your username would appear when they used the @ symbol.

I’m going to move this into Feature requests for future investigation but if you would like a short term solution this might help. [Teacher hat on] At the top of the Repl e.g. a Python program put your username as a comment so that when the students are working on their copy they can see your username and type it in.

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