Would anyone like to learn Python?

Hi! I am considering hosting a Python class to learn python! Would anyone want to join?

Python Class
  • I’d like to join (as a student)
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Even though I am trash… I will consider joining! Btw I also added a optional tag ( replit-teams ) since you are technically teaching us.

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I just invited you to the team!

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How well do you know python?

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Oh! I barely know anything! Out of 10, I will choose 5!

@RedCoder I’d like to join. Even though I know some Python (a lot, on that case), we’ll see :upside_down_face: what I can learn

I was aiming for a beginners course so it probably wont be of much use to you


Oh ok, in that case, I can join and look around. Maybe I could join as a teacher instead of as a student.


I can learn alot! I don’t even know python!

@RedCoder Would it be possible If I joined as a teacher?


What will be taught in this course?

All the basics of course and some more advanced topics include object-orientated programiing, replitDB, how to acces files and some flask.

I might be interested in being a teacher (if thats an option), but I wanna know how you’re organizing this.

I have a few years of python experience and if you wanna look at projects just check my replit account (same as my ask username).

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I’d like to be a teacher

Hi everyone! I will be inactive on Replit as of tomorrow for two weeks because I am going on a trip. @element1010 can handle teaching and operating the python class for the time being (just don’t start a revolution while I’m gone). Just wanted to let you guys know!


Can I teach too? I know a decent bit about python… :wink:

I also want to teach. btw why am I not invited yet???


@SnakeyKing @QwertyQwerty88 Sure. Feel free to make some course content while I’m away. Please refer to past lessons so you can format your lessons.


I’m leaving in an hour so goodbye!

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I’m not invited yet :frowning: