Working with HTML/CSS/JS on Firewalled Replit

Hello Everyone!

I’ve started an Web Design class and use replit to design the code. The school district I work under has blocked replit as students were using it to bypass certain blockers. After my request for help, I was told to use “Sign Up - Replit

I can access replit now, which for most classes would work fine, but because this is a web design class, when we hit run, it produces another website in the preview window, which of course has been firewalled. Lol. So I am wondering of anyone else has seen this and knows of a work around, or if this is a feature we have to request?

Thank you all

So, firewalled replit uses the same domain as normal replit for output and webviews, currently, which is a problem since the normal replit domain is obviously blocked.
While firewalled replit is not the same as Teams for Edu, it is related, and Teams for Edu has been deprecated by replit.
Firewalled replit repls don’t have access to all of the internet so they are good for schools, I am entirely not sure if this is still the case though.

Replit should fix the domains for firewalled replit, as described in the above topic. I don’t know any workarounds.


Okay, thank you for the prompt reply. Appreciate it.

I am teaching a Web Design class as well. I have two students who’s accounts have been shut down. They are keying the same code as the rest of my students. Why does this happen to them?
We have sent emails requesting them to allow access but have heard nothing back. Help?

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Teams for Education is being deprecated, so try using EDUBlocks or CodeHS.