Won't let me download as zip. it gives a 404 error everytime on multiple projects

described in title. won’t let me download as zip. it gives a 404 error everytime on multiple projects.

could you send a screenshot?


Are you using the mobile app?


this pops up after I click the three buttons and download as zip

i am using the web browser.

this pops up after I click “Download as zip”

Are they your own projects? Ones in teams and on other users’ accounts probably cannot be downloaded by your account.


they are my own assigned from my class

Your class, meaning your Teams for EDU class?

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oh yeah your right, assigned from my coding class. mb. i guess i just have to make my own folders and copy and paste the code?

Yeah. Can you mark the post that helped you most as the Solution?

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I also have this issue… yes its from a CLASS but we were capable of downloading as zip before so its likely the professor changed the settings of files / downloading… which is weird; i can download individual files, why make would REPLIT it tedious if you’re not completely locking something out??

These things should not be separately toggled or mismatched… if a student has access to a file they should just beable to download all…

I’m a teacher who has a teams repl for my classes. and we always have students download their codes as zip (for the plagiarism checker we run). And all my students are having this issue, there does not seem to be any settings I can toggle for team to allow students to download as zip. They have access to the files and should be able to download as others are saying. Having students make their own folders is not helpful for me as a teacher.

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