Wonky Server for a ChatGPT chat bot

I’m trying to run a Chat bot with the ChatGPT Plus API. I’ve gotten to the point were the code seems to run ok. I click on RUN and I get the expected response (a Not Found website message) but with a wonky URL: https://1d3182e8-ffff-490a-883b-b2e08b07f528-00-2hhs7xur1m17n_picard_replit_dev/
The URL I was expecting is something like the https://name of the repl_username_repl_co (the "_"s represent dots).

Replit: https://replit.com/@MichaelBranches/custom-gpts-to-website

Any thoughts as to why the difference? (It, btw, does not work when I paste the URL it in Voiceflow).

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Hey @MichaelBranches, The “wonky” URL you are talking about is the new links Replit is using for apps that are not deployed.

Ah! Ok. Did not know that. Thanks 20gn!

All good, have a nice one

Reason I asked is because when I paste the URL (with a /start and /chat at the end) into a Voiceflow I get the following error:

API call error - {“status”:502,“data”: {“VF STATUS_CODE”:502, “VF_HEADERS”: {“connection”:“close”,“content-type”:“text/html; charset=utf-8”,“date”:“Sat, 06 Jan 2024 17:06:50 GMT”,“replit-cluster”:“picard”,“transfer-encoding”:“chunked”,“x-robots-tag”:“none, noindex, noarchive, nofollow, nositelinkssearchbox, noimageindex”}}}

And I thought the Replit URL I pasted into the GET and POST sections of the Videoflow might have been the reason

Try going to the link again. The URL has probably expired/Your repl is offline because you are not in the editor.

Thanks Classified3D! That was it.
Does that mean that I will have to refresh the link all the time when I deploy the app?

Hey @MichaelBranches welcome to the forums!

No, you you will be given a different URL that stays the same if you deploy. The URL you have now .dev is just a local host URL like in VSCode.

Got it. Thank you very much guys!

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