Woah this is new

i was looking around on replit just looking at repls and then I get this when I viewed one

does anyone know how this happened?

A lot of people have been having this problem. Hopefully a fix comes soon.

hope so too because this is weird

but is it supposed to do this after reloading

No, it’s a bug with the new Nix workspace I think.

oh but that still doesnt make sense though

It doesn’t make sense to me either. I just want it to be fixed soon so people will stop complaining abt it here.

same here even though i never had it happen except to 1 repl and that was a tutorial repl that I deleted

It’s probably against the ToS or someone crashed the Repl using a comment bot ahem Pikachu (I don’t actually think Pikachu did it lol)

Repl’s against the TOS are managed by a dev to where it will not load

I don’t need a bot to do it, and what I did was temporary. I didn’t mess with any of @Parker2991’s repls so not sure why this happened =/

Yeah and I don’t think that was @Parker2991’s as he said he was looking at Repls most likely by other members of the community

Would I be correct if I assumed that that repl is a Discord selfbot?

Those are against Discord’s ToS, so also not allowed =/

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