Wine saying "Bad system call (core dumped)" on nix Repl

Problem description:
Wine is necessary for a number of students at my and other universities to run MASM programs on Replit. All of us have been experiencing issues where Wine fails to work on Replit when it worked fine before. Attempting to use wine on Replit results in the console outputting “Bad System Call (core dumped)”

Expected behavior:
Wine should load properly and MASM programs should be able to be compiled, linked, and executed using wine.

Actual behavior:
In actuality, when running the repl, the output “Bad system call (core dumped) is shown” and the Repl does not properly run.

Steps to reproduce:
Follow the steps outlined here to get a Repl identical to the one producing this issue:

Alternatively, you can try any repl that uses Wine and should be able to get a similar result.

Bug appears at this link:
Here is an example of a non-working Repl:

Chrome browser on Windows 11 Device. Issue also appeared on Windows 10 and MacOS devices.


I don’t believe this is a bug, it seems you are trying to execute Windows executables (.exe) on a Linux system.


The way Replit works is when you run your code, it is actually running on one of their Linux machines, which means you don’t have to worry about actually running your program because they do it for you. The code you have written, at a guess, seems to be compiling an Assembly file, which will not work since you are attempting to use Windows executables which Replit’s Linux machines do not know how to execute.

I don’t believe you’re familiar with Wine. Basically, wine allows you to run Windows programs on Linux machines. Wine used to work on Replit and this repl specifically up until a couple weeks ago.
You can see a video in action of this repl working here: Running Easy-MASM in Replit - YouTube

I can confirm that, starting at the beginning of December, if you try to run elf32 executables previously assembled by NASM, you get an errore message: “Bad System Call (core dumped)”.
It’s a new bug, because before it worked fine.
Temporarily we migrated our developments to a different IDE: , but it should be a real pity to say hello to

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