Will Replit AI become a VSCode extension?

I’ve tried GH Copilot, Bito, and others. Replit has the most accurate responses and I like the fact that it works with the “open files context”.

I don’t like the Replit IDE though… It lacks so many features that VSCode has as basic ones.

I’d love to use Replit AI (supposedly the most trained model with trillion params), but inside VSCode, as an extension.

Currently my workflow is to ask Replit AI through their app, and then copy the code and use it in VSCode, then commit, pull to Replit and repeat :sweat:


Or at least have Replit AI as an API, then I may create the extension :thinking:

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I dont think this will happen because then its easer to abuse. And they wont be making an API for this since they deprecated a public API they had about a year ago