Will it be possible to make my code run 24/24h non stop!

i would like to upgrade for a 20$ / month program , and i would like to know if i run my python code there will it stay running 24/24h and 7/7 days , or i will need something else to add it to my subscription to have this possibility ?

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You’ll need to deploy to keep it always-on, and your free credits with Pro should be more than enough to cover at least one.


thank for your answer .
by deployed do you mean to make it public ?

Not necessarily, that depends on how you deploy it.

Deployments can be web apps, static, or background workers.

it’s a simple python , i will run it on replit , i dont have any app or website for this .
maybe i did not understand what do you mean from start .
please i will reformule my question , a 20$/month subscript will it let my code run 24/24h , juts tell me yes or not, please ?

Without knowing the specifics, I can’t say with 100% certainty, but my answer is that you can most likely run it 24/7.

Do note that things in the editor/dev environment do not run when you close the tab, you have to deploy.

my script is used to open orders on a trading platform , so in this case how can i deployed it !

It sounds like that would probably be good as a Reserved VM?