Will changing my username affect old links to reach my repls?

Like I recently changed from DevAdvik to istoleabread. Will all repls that I’ve posted with my old username be inaccessible after some days?

Any URLs leading to a site you made on Replit with your old username probably won’t redirect to your new username, since someone else could claim that old username and create their own websites.

Stupid question but will the repl links wont work as well? Like replit.com/@DevAdvik/replLink as long as no one claims that username?

Probably not. Try using opening an old project and changing the username in the URL bar to your old one.

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AFAIK, they will still work, unless someone else claims that username. I will check, but I believe my old Repl links still work. (Edit: just checked, my old Repls (like September of 2021 old) still link to my current profile.)


Interesting. But what happens if someone takes that old username?

In that case, they will probably stop working. Until then, it should be fine.

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