Why when i use a css file named after anything but style.css, it just doesn't read


like, if i write:

“*” {padding:0px; margin:0px;} on style.css and <“link rel=“stylesheet” href=“style.css””> (extra commas to make it visible) on the index, it wil work, but if i name the css anything else, it will maintain its margin/padding

i’m using opera btw

Maybe it’s because in the HTML file you are still loading the file called style.css, and therefore if you rename it the HTML tries to load the file that doesn’t exist anymore, and can’t load your new CSS.

nope, changed on the html too (i should’ve write it before : p)

Is this an HTML, CSS & JS Repl? Can you please send a link to your Repl so we can help you?

sure https://replit.com/@basss2/perfil

here: https://replit.com/@basss2/perfil?v=1

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If you rename the CSS file, make sure you also change the href attribute in the link element to match.

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In entrada.css you were missing a semi-colon at the end of the following line:

@import "style.css";

In the entrada.css, you could include a semi-colon which ends the statement at the end of where you stated the @import “style.css”


Looks like we were posting the solution at the same time @Winstenna . Welcome to the community!


Thank you! I am starting python now too and I love Replit


dammit, thanky for pointing it

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