Why was this reply flaged and deleted?

WHAT another one of my posts just got flagged for containing “:<”

Bypassed the min char limit thats why it was flaged. Hvaing :< is allowed if you don’t do anything else wrong

bro im not the only who does it, I’ve seen many people do it and not get flagged. Yall are just targeting me now, also you spelled flagged wrong.

This is not true. We have been flagging and deleting others posts too. When we see it we will flag and delete. But if we miss that post we wont since we don’t see it.

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I got flagged 2 times in less then 3 minutes.

Looking at your flagged posts you only have 1 post flagged today. At most 2 flags in a single day. Possibly a message when it was flagged and another message when it was deleted?

still I got like 2 - 3 pms already today from @system

no omg am I gonna get flagged for that

Can you invite me to them so I can see?

they… sent me a public message whether or not I wanted to… um… “smash”

The first one was saying that your post was flagged. Then the second said, that post was deleted from the queue. Thats normal and when I was testing stuff on my own posts a few months ago that happened to me to

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incorrect actually I said something else

what did you say then?

It was along the line of that and their post gets the message across.

im gonna get flagged again and I already got 3 I can’t afford to get another one.

oh, I see well it’s ok then :smiley:

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ALSO, @not-ethan did you finally confirm the exploit to be safe. :sob:

ill dm you on discord.

sure, sure, ok then :smiley:

Had midterms this week so no. I should be able to work on a test today