Why the reult not show when I run my project?

*why the reult not show when I run my project ?

[Repl link/Link to where the bug appears]https://replit.com/@tmdluu/PerfumedModestHandwritingrecognition#main.py:1:

** I reated project that definfe function mul3 that accept the number of argument but when I run this it is not show my result?:**

def mulmul3():

    return x*3

You have to print it.
Like, add this line of code:

x = 10

Hey @tmdluu welcome to the forums!

I see that you don’t use any of the functions anywhere, that is probably where your problem is. I also notice that you aren’t declaring your variables beforehand, once the functions run it will output an error because it wont know what to do without the variables.

x = 0
y = 0
z = 0

If you wanted the user to input values, you can set the values by using inputs →

x = int(input(“x: ”))
y = int(input(“y: ”))
z = int(input(“z: ”))

If it doesn’t work, and you want to still use returns, when using a function wrap it in a print, example → print(mulmul3()).

Otherwise instead of using returns you can do what @jenekif499 said to do and use prints instead of returns.


Thanks for your advice so much!

Thanks for your detail advice! so helpful!!!

Hey @tmdluu!

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