Why Replit should consider adding more design tools (UML, Flowcharts, etc) to its platform

Describe your feature request
In order to fully realize its potential as a premier destination for software developers, Replit should consider expanding its feature set to include a wider range of design tools. In addition to UML and flow charts, the inclusion of wireframe and use case charts would greatly enhance the platform’s overall appeal and utility for developers. By offering these design tools alongside its existing programming features, Replit can attract the billions of developers who are searching for a comprehensive solution that covers both the programming and design sides of software development.

Moreover, this expansion would enable the creation of features such as design software multiplayer, which would allow multiple users to collaborate on the design of a project in real-time. This would be an innovative feature that sets Replit apart from other development platforms, and further solidifies its position as a leading provider of tools for software development.

I believe that many developers would be willing to pay :moneybag: for these additional design features, as they are already paying external sites for similar functionality. By offering these features in-house, Replit would be able to capture more of the market and provide an all-in-one solution that satisfies the needs of a wider range of users. Ultimately, expanding its feature set to include more design tools is a logical next step for Replit as it seeks to remain competitive and relevant in a rapidly evolving software development landscape.

What problem(s) would this feature solve?
Visualize software project’s structure and relationships like never before in Replit. And developers generally love more maps and charts, right? :sweat_smile:

The inclusion of additional design tools in Replit’s platform would be a significant step towards offering developers a complete and comprehensive solution for software development. While I understand that my feature request is ambitious, I firmly believe that providing developers with a greater range of design tools would address a number of pain points that are currently driving them to seek out external solutions.

If Replit were to combine its existing programming and hosting capabilities with a robust suite of design tools, it would truly become an all-in-one solution for software development. This would not only make Replit more attractive to developers, but it would also help to streamline the development process, reducing the need for developers to switch between multiple tools and platforms.

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request
I was using an external site for creating UML diagrams and charts made me realize that Replit could benefit from incorporating design tools like these. It would make the platform a one-stop-shop for developers, streamlining the development process and making Replit an even more attractive option for developers. :innocent:

Replit should show those greedy external sites who’s boss and bring all their paying customers over to Replit! :sunglasses:


This sounds like a problem that could easily be solved with an extension!

There’s already a JS library for creating flowcharts:

That diagram library is not licensed under an open-source agreement, but is instead subject to copyright. This implies that if you use it in Replit Extension, you (or Replit) will need to pay licensing fees to the owner of the copyright owner NorthWoods Software.

After reviewing their license terms, it appears that their software license permits developers or companies to use the library for evaluation purposes as they only grand evaluation license free but they do not give right to distribute or develop products out of it without another license that cost fees.

Essentially, if someone were to create a Replit Extension that utilizes this library without the proper legal license, Replit would be compelled to either block it or risk facing a copyright infringement lawsuit. Same risk is for developer who use it without proper license.

This is why I only use libraries that use some well known open source license. :sweat_smile:

You’re right, I realized that just after I posted that. However, the same principle holds true. It’s definitely possible with an extension and some client side code.

mermaid.js is licensed under MIT

chartjs is open source. Would it work?

I think chart.js is for things like bar charts, line charts, etc. I think @HexScript is asking for things more like flowcharts and charts that represent the control flow of a program