Why removing comments, hosting?

I have a question:
Why remove comments… and hosting?
I know that hosting is not that really bad… But comments?
Is there an specific reason for removing comments?

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Quoting someone from replit:

part of it is because we’re going to be revamping cover pages (community depriorized) and part of it is the community has grown stagnant in the past year and ~40-60% of comments created are just spam/phishing that gets deleted

plus (to a smaller extent) rampant bullying/nsfw chats/etc. that moderation doesn’t have the capacity to handle (edited)

oh, but cant they use something like… auto moderator that automatically deletes comments which has inappropriate content?

There is an automod bot, but it may not detect some slangs or rude remarks that don’t exactly contain vulgar words.

Why you think it’s your responsibility to remove totally all rude remarks?
I think community could handle them rather than being unable to say anything.

There was a request to allow more community moderators, but the Staff didn’t respond iirc.

Who said that and where? Im a moderator mainsite and from what I see we had the capacity to do this.


i agree why take away our privileges to comment and view others replies i can’t even see if i have people looking at my replits now


bring back replit comments​:exclamation::exclamation::exclamation::fire::fire::fire:


Please bring them back… PLEASE!!!