Why my bounty applications are not approving even after 12 hours

When I found a new bounty on Replit after some quick research on that specific topic, I apply for that with a long descriptive application with the steps that I will do to complete that project.

But it seems some users’ application getting approved within few minutes where as my applications are stuck for more than 8-9 hours and even some time more than 12 hours.

In some of the previous discussion on this forum some suggestions to give some time to write a proper application but that doesn’t seem work as I am seeing some of the applicants are just using copy paste with one or two line modification and getting approved within minutes.

Where as spending so much time and afford, even in some case building a prototype to include in the application to prove my skills, my application are no approving quickly and others are getting the project before my application even getting approved.

Now I just frustrated with the back-magic going on under the Replit Bounty application aproval system.

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Hey @AkashDeep000, welcome to the community!

You know it’s manual, right?

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But it seems that the manual process queue of approving application has different priorities for different accounts based on some parameters.

If that not the case why some applications are getting approved within minutes and some are stuck for hours?

Now after waiting for more than 23-24 hours, my two applications are still not approved and all two of those projects are now assigned to other people.

Doesn’t seem fair :frowning:

And here is the more interesting story:

Previously same happened as above in the case of this podcast transcribe project and when I got the application approval email, this guy @A2pro already got the project.

After someday @A2pro posted a bounty as he could not able to download podcasts programmatically from apple which is one of the main parts of the podcast transcribe project, I wasn’t able to get because of the late approval. I applied for this and the same happened. My application is stuck and it’s assigned to someone else but after my application got approved @A2pro chat with me and tell me if I could do this within the next day he will give this bounty as the person to whom he assigned this at the first time couldn’t able to do this. Although he need the code in Python and I only use nodejs and never wrote a single line of code in Python before, still I was able to do this within a few hours and got the bounty.

And here after one week yesterday another similar bounty is posted and I quickly applied to it with proper application with the related bounty I done before and like before it was stuck at application approval stage for nearly 14+ hours and this project also assigned to non-other than @A2Pro

I think this is enough reason to be frustrated with the current blackbox of approval systems.
And replit team should look into this problem immediately or provide some reason why this is happening or give me some temporary solutions.

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Even though my applications are approved instantly I 100% agree that it should not be like this for everyone that hasn’t been manually given a role (IIRC). I have suggested to staff that us site moderators should be able to review them but we cant.

I thought there was a feature request for this already but I don’t see it. You can make one in Feature Requests


Do you have priority or something?

I dont know the specifics but I was in the beta and we all got a role that at first gave us perms to apply and others cant apply at all. Then later it was changed so any could apply but the people with the role were “verified”. That was removed or at least made a lot less noticeable a few months ago so I think they added the “review queue” for bounty apps.

I have pinged staff though I don’t know if they could share the specifics to prevent abuse.


Look at this application of this guy (@A2pro), he is literally hiring other and running service agency with Replit bounty. Here is his application:

Hi, I’m Aayush Palai, and my agency of 3 backend devs and 2 frontend devs can do this super easily for you. In fact, we can host it right here on replit, for either free or $7 dollars a month, depending on your needs. Looking forward to working with you!

Where some of the people like me could not even get their application approved by Replit. Here what my application was for the same bounty:

Hello JadEsber,

I could build this easily. I just created a simple bare minimum redirect URL (https://simpleredirect.akashdeep000.repl.co). It will redirect you is this Replit bounty. Doesn’t add any style or anything special.
I could do this as per your requirement and here is what I have outlined for this project:

  1. Chat with you to finalize how you want to manage and edit the URLs. (It could be done in UI or via a simple environment variable)

  2. Create the webpage for redirect (could use React or Svelte or just simple js) with your preferred UI and styling.

  3. Guide you to host it easily for totally free on Vercel or Cloudflare (also could be hosted on Replit)

As this is a simple project, I will complete it within a day. Please chat if you have any queries and start building it.

And fun fact this application is still not approved after 3 days to prevent “abuses” I guess.

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