Why isn't sound working in webview for p5.js

The program Im making uses the p5 library. The sound works in the repl site but doesn’t work in the actual website.

Heres the code:

let timeElapsed = 0;
let c1,c2;
let noiseScale=0.0045;
var moon
let w, h, x, y, lag;
let trx, trry, tlx, tly, brx, bry, blx, bly;

var background;

function preload()
  moon = loadImage("moon.svg");
  background = loadSound("Lofi.mp3");
function setup()
   w = width/2;
   h = height/2;
   x = width/2;
   y = height/2;
   lag = 10;

function draw()


  //237, 187, 85(c1)
  //207, 143, 203(c2)
 c1 = color(138, 65, 121);
  c2 = color(227, 127, 144);
  for(let y=0; y<height; y++){
    n = map(y,0,height,0,1);
    let newc = lerpColor(c1,c2,n);
    line(0,y,width, y);

for (let x=0; x < width; x++) {
 let noiseVal = noise((mouseX+x)*noiseScale, 
    line(x, 300+noiseVal*650, x, height);

  rect (0, height-65, width, 65);
    x += (mouseX-x)/lag
   y += (mouseY-y)/lag
   circle(x, y, 30);

function windowResized() {
  resizeCanvas(windowWidth, windowHeight);

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Sorry. How do I edit the post

There should be a bar like this at the bottom of your post, click the pencil icon.

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nope, i just made a new one
Screenshot 2023-04-06 8.05.06 PM

:wave: Welcome to the community @DylnPickl!

Could you provide a link to the repl this code is in?


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Ah, so in the console, you’ll see P5 warning you you’ve made a variable background but a function with that name already exists as a post of the P5 library. I forked your repl and renamed the background variable to _background and that served to fix the issue, try rehabbing the variable and let me know if that works.

Thanks for the feedback! I tried it out and the song plays on the repl site but it still doesn’t play when in the webview tab.

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It seems to be playing on my side, did you accidentally muted Replit or something like that?