Why isn't python's Requests module usable?

Replit recently updated one of my old programs, and since the update it doesn’t work. It tells me it doesn’t recognise Requests. Alright, i can fix it, so i go to the packages menu, and search for Requests, and it comes up. The issue is, whenever i try to install it, it shoots me the “Replit: Package operation failed.” error message. I really like this program, and it’s a shame it doesn’t work no more, to no fault of my own. Does anyone have a solution to the issue?

Also to note: Yes, the setting was set to Python 3, so it shouldn’t be an issue like that

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Could I please have the link to your project?

  1. Try going in Shell and running:
pip install requests
  1. If that fails, run this in Shell, then 1 again:

Thank you so much! I ended up having to enter the second option in the shell first, but it ended up working. Much appreciated!

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