Why is there a old tsconfig.json file injected to my repo?

This repo has no tsconfig.json file at it’s root. Yet, when loaded into Replit, it will create one with really old conflicting settings that cause TSC to fail.

I tried using onBoot to delete it, but that doesn’t run immediately after a clone, only after a restart.

Is there any way to force Replit to give me a normal plain Bash container as the base instead of an outdated Node v16 container with bad config files? For some reason loading this on mobile also tries to open a non existent index.ts file.

Works fine for me :thinking: What do you try to do, and what do you expect to happen?

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It works “fine” due to a number of hacky acrobatics in my .replit script… Mainly I added rm tsconfig.json to the compile script.

That only works if you use the run button instead of the provided Shell as I show in the screenshot. There is no reason why node --version should trigger a container restart.