Why is there a 10% Cycle Fee

I was wondering why there was a 10% cycle fee. In a few games, I have seen fees, but in those games unless you chose to buy some, the currency was completely free.

So, why is Replit taking a 10% cut of tips?


Well for one it would prevent you from doing something like spending a whole lot of money on cycles and then cashing out later. Because of the way the value of currencies fluctuate this could potentially be used to make money.


true you could also try to launder money, but still, maybe a 5% fee, or no fee when less then 500 cycles?


Isn’t laundering money about getting ‘clean’ cash…


Hmm idk I haven’t tried to launder money before xD

lol thats def a good thing

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but yah it seems like a money grab lmao, not rlly sure tho :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean that’s probably an oversimplification, they need to make money in order to run their machines and servers and previously they were barely scraping by. This is still probably an oversimplification.


By definition “laundering” money you’re putting “unclean”/“illegal” cash into legitimate businesses, etc. Which in return “cleans” the cash and if the process is done well the launderer can get there money back which is “clean”. Same thing could be done with cryptocurrency if the cryptocurrency was stolen/scammed or obtained illegally.