Why is Replit python bugging out like this and is there a way to fix this

Can you please explain in more detail? What exactly is “bugged”?

I’m assuming they’re referring to the exceedingly high amount of RAM their project is using, in which case, as long as that’s Cache memory, you should be fine.

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the cache memory is beyond what is possible

IIRC you get 1GB not 500MB (even though the workspace says 500MB). Also I know as a fact you can glitch that to say whatever you want it to.

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As I said, you should not worry about that, as it is just the Cache memory. The Project memory is the only thing you should worry about here. Which, from the picture, is well within it’s limitations, so you’re fine.

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ahh thanks for that info I didn’t know that and I thought that it was what was causing to make my code slow down way too much. also while this is not in the picture my ram usually hits 100% very quickly after starting the program does that require anything or is that normal

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