Why is Microsoft's software design considered bad?

Genuine qn: why does it have Microsoft in the answer?


Microsoft has made some bad choices with software design, and this is probably best suited for a new topic, as there’s a lot to go over. I’ll go over one right now though.

When attempting to download Google Chrome when using Microsoft Edge, a bar was injected into the webpage (not even HTML, the web browser itself) basically begging users to stick with Edge instead of downloading Chrome.

(I couldn’t find an image of the exact thing I was mentioning, but this is still a good example)

To be fair though, its claims are actually correct. IIRC a test was done testing the security of web browsers and Edge did beat Chrome. (Firefox is the best web browser though, better dev tools and customization generally)


I just remembered another, which really frustrated me.

I bought a game from Steam a while ago, it came with VC enabled by default. Now, I didn’t want to hear or talk to random kids yelling swears into their microphone, so before joining I looked in settings to disable it. Turns out, you can’t. (Well kind of)

The only way to disable your mic in-game is to go into Windows settings and prevent the game from accessing the mic. Well, guess what, it turns out that it’s split into two parts: software in which you can disable the mic individually, and everything else at once. And of course, the game was set into the everything else category. So, to disable my mic on the game, I had to disable it on my web browser, and a bunch of other programs.

I know for a fact this is because of Microsoft, cause I was looking online a bunch. But, why was it designed so terribly? It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.


This is more historical than reality. At the beginning of time they were about building fast and fix later, while Apple was about perfection. Today they all do the same … build fast and fix later.


Edge is faster than Chrome (can confirm from personal experience), but I did not see any appeal to it. Personally, I use Firefox, but Chrome definitely has some features that Firefox lacks. The only feature in Edge I’m fond of is the URL edge://surf.


What does that do? I don’t use Edge.

Microsoft surf game … a little easter egg


Yes it is an easter egg. A fun game. In chrome you can get the Dino game (even with internet) using chrome://dino. Firefox has no URL and you have to play around in settings to get pong with a unicorn.