Why is it when I run a mc server it violetes the TOS?

I am trying to get a mc sever in replit but when I fork it. It says it could violate the TOS even though it is the server not the CLIENT!!!
This shouldn’t be violating the DMCA!!!

Well how are you going to use the server without the client?

That’s why you can’t run a server.

server != client
They are completely different programs. As long as you don’t include the client in the repl you should be fine.

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Im using it in my real payed minecraft client and I am not including the eaglercraft client.

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ik, ofc
still, they dont want to be involved with the server, because it is involved with the client

you could try hosting it on another cloud service, like Oracle Cloud, which has a great free tier

If game companies went after servers for their own game they would not have a community anymore.
You can’t play the game with just a server implementation.

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I know
There is a reason for this though, they wouldn’t just not let you run mc servers for no reason.

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It’s more likely they have automated checks and having the server files in the repl looks similar to repls trying to run the client.

I think because schools might ban replit because students are getting on it to play games

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I wouldn’t think Replit is a good option for hosting a Minecraft server at all. Servers are extremely intensive on your memory and Replit is very limited on that. If possible, hosting it from your own computer or using a website like Aternos is probably your best solution