Why is fakebook in the share menu?

Who would even want to share a Ask post on there? Does anyone even use that anymore?

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Maybe some 50-60 year old programmer sharing his problem about some simple function in Rust.

Oh, okay! Could we have some activitypub UI options?

I think it’s the default for Discourse forums


huh? idk what’s happening

I think @9pfs1 is just mad that facebook is included in the share menu.

It comes with discourse. And remember discoures was made almost if not 10 years ago when Facebook was more popular. And many forums actively use that as long with facebook SSO


Did you mean to spell it wrong?
Also, I know that a lot of younger people prefer other social medias, but I also know that some of them use Facebook. Regardless, it’s probably a Discourse default.

Yeah, I edited it then they PM’d me and edited it back.

Yes, I intentionally spelled it that way.

Facebook is probably for these old people that are on this forum, because old people use Facebook.


I tend to agree. We oldies use it, my kids totally not. But again … some oldies use it much more than others (i would love to see facebook vanish …)

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Facebook is known for being a retirement home, making it bad.

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Well now, not before :slight_smile: it started as the cool thing people at university wanted to be in.