Why is autohotkey not a language template yet?

Describe your feature request
I would like AutoHotKey to become a language template.
Tell us why would this be helpful
Because the language has tens of thousands of developers like me that actively use the language but have no way of using it through replit because of how hard it is to use or run exe files.
Describe the user group to whom would this be helpful
The developers who use ahk.
Describe any related issues / limitations that would be solved by having this feature
Exes would no longer be nearly impossible to use, and there would possibly be another overlay for visual applications instead of just having a headless runner.

First of all, AutoHotKey is only for Windows, and Replit is not Windows, it is Linux.
Secondly, you can use Wine for running .exe files on Replit but it will most likely not work for AutoHotKey.

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Hey @altifydevel!

As @LuisAFK stated, doesn’t work on Linux, which is the OS Repls run on. Also, Nix, the system we use to index packages, does not include AutoHotKey (most likey for the reason mentioned).

Secondly, even if AutoHotKey could be added to Replit, there is no GUI environment to have it interact with.

I’d like to know: Do you want AutoHotKey to be run on Replit, or are you looking only to develop AutoHotKey scripts on Replit, using it as an IDE for AHK scripts?

I apologize for the inconvenience!