Why I Think Ghostwriter Is Overpriced

Why I Think Ghostwriter is overpriced

Recently, I’ve been calculating how much I am willing to pay to use Replit to it’s fullest extent. In total, if you buy Ghostwriter with cycles, it is $10 a month and $120 a year! That’s more than the entire Hacker plan! Why pay $120 dollars for Ghostwriter when you can just use other free to semi-free alternatives, like ChatGPT or @SixftOne-MLH awesome version of Ghostwriter for free?


@RedCoder Thanks for the shoutout man! Glad you liked it!

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@SixftOne-MLH No problem! It was really truly amazing!

I believe this is a clone of legacy/old Ghostwriter, in other words, just another Github Copilot or Tabnine. Replit offers chat that can view your editor.

Its essentially a wrapper around a fine-tuned version (i.e., this one specifically - sahil2801/replit-code-instruct-glaive · Hugging Face) of Replit’s code-instruct-3B LLM model, and that too one which we can run on a CPU instead of using a GPU. Hence for simpler tasks you can essentially run your own personal code assistant for free, albeit a bit slow for getting responses. I think for Ghostwriter (and not the new ModelFarm API), Replit is also using the code-instruct-3B model, but obviously in ways which are more sophisticated and faster as compared to the simple Q&A interface that I have used.


glad somebody realised that. use chatgpt in an another tab. I use pikawriter instead of the one u recommend

Free isn’t overpriced, now, is it? :wink: